Including media at your event adds value through increased social traffic and public relations. It also adds importance in the eyes of attendees. StoryMiners®' speakers are experienced at handling media questions, working on camera, and giving valuable yet short responses. 

It's easy to add a media event as part of a keynote or workshop. The exposure is good for everyone. Please remember to include some planning time for communications strategy, tie-ins to the content, preparation of any special stories, and to arrange for local travel (if needed). 


• Quiet location with power
• Scheduling
• Props (if any)
• Pre-arranged questions or stories
• Audio/video usage 


StoryMiners® does not provide endorsements of specific products or services without a prior agreement. Consider using one of StoryMiners® speakers as a panelist, interviewer, or even as a Master of Ceremonies at your event.

“When we decided to host a customer experience conference in Bulgaria for more than 300 retailers, one of the best decisions we made was to hire Mike as our keynote presenter. Before he arrived and as soon as he got to Bulgaria, he thoroughly researched our market and then presented a thought-provoking program with concrete, real-life examples from both our cultures. In between his talks, Mike spent one-on-one time with our key partners to answer their questions and help them apply what they just learned. Just the media coverage we received online and in the papers and television was worth several times Mike’s fees. It was so successful that we are considering presenting this conference with Mike in the central region.”

Michel Fuyet, CEO at BNP Paribas Personal Finance

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