Get the same content as a keynote but with easier scheduling and at lower cost (no travel expenses). Great for testing the waters around new ideas and for sharing the same info with audiences in different time zones and geographies. Also available as a sponsored event.

From one to thousands, webinars get just the right information across to just the right audience(s). When travel isn't possible or practical, webinars make it possible to share new ideas, train, inform, or report. 

StoryMiners® has dozens of presentations that can updated to meet your needs. Many clients ask us to tune presentations to support internal initiatives; we are happy to do that. 

What can StoryMiners speak about? 

• Customer Experience Design
• The World's Best Customer Experiences
• Intelligent Experiences
• CX and Tech
• Anticipation: How Knowing Sooner Lets You Serve Better At Lower Cost
• The Lower-Right Quadrant: How to be High-Value and Low-Cost at the Same Time
• CX in Fashion
• Retail Experience Trends
• The Apple-ization of Retail
• Adaptive Enterprise
• StoryMining
• Story As Strategy *and many more...  

To learn more, just contact us, or click on the Raise Your Hand icon to set up a call ;-)

“Mike Wittenstein is a conversation starter at the top of the sales funnel. He leads companies to solutions for customer problems they sometimes didn’t know they had. Mike is an energetic and engaging evangelist. Whether he’s speaking at a conference or blogging about customer experience, he is someone people trust and follow. On topics of customer engagement and commerce, our mindsets are exactly aligned. When it comes to customer service, Mike practices what he preaches. He took the time to study and understand our needs, then constructed creative ways to fulfill them.”

Malcolm Kimberlin, Head, Business Influencer Relations at SAP

“Our clients don’t just enjoy listening to Mike when he speaks about the future of retail and customer experience—they take action! Mike really knows his stuff.”

Gary Ambrosino, Chief Executive Officer at TimeTrade, Inc. 

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